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Submersible Robot (ROV)































*          Depth Rated to152 m (500 ft)

*          Tether Deployment System with76 m (250 ft) of neutrally buoyant tether

*          Front mounted 570 line high resolution, 0.3 lux color camera with wide angle lens

*          Front camera features tilt (175 degrees field of view) and a wide focus range, both controllable from the surface

*          Rear mounted 430 line 0.1 lux camera (B&W)

*          Integrated 15" color video display monitor (supports 1024X768 resolution)

*          User option to superimpose date, time, depth, and heading information on video display

*          Digital video recording and stills capture device included (requires PC)

*          Composite video output works with wide variety of video display and recording devices

*          Integrated Control Box has room for a variety of optional user-supplied recording devices, such as camcorders

*          Video display sun shade for working in bright light

*          Video display tilt adjustment for optimal viewing angle

*          Audio annotation microphone for simultaneous recording of audio with video

*          Two forward looking 20 watt high efficiency halogen lights, controllable from the surface

*          Rear looking Light Emitting Diode (LED) array, controllable from the surface

*          Depth gauge, heading, and cumulative hour meter, reading on LCD display on control box

*          Joystick controls horizontal movement plus user selectable choice of depth, camera tilt, focus, lights, or optional manipulator allowing one hand control

*          Depth rate of increase/decrease controllable from surface

*          Depth holding function using Auto Depth included

*          PC Pilot computer control option is enabled

*          Wireless game pad style controller included (requires PC)

*          Joystick style controller included (requires PC)

*          Serial to USB adapter included for notebook computers without serial ports

*          Four port USB hub

*          Accessory connector allows simple connection of various instruments and measurement sensors

*          Upgradeable to Greater Thrust Option (GTO)

*          Operates from a variety of power sources 100-240 Volts 50-60 Hz AC or 12 Volts DC

*          12 Volt DC 800 Watt inverter included

*          Power consumption less than 500 Watts

*          Maximum voltage in tether is 48VDC

*          Entire system fits in two included Pelican cases, easily transported by one person and checked as airline baggage

*          Total System Weight less than45 kg (100 lbs)



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